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25 February, 2011

Suran Gaddi/Suran/ Elephant’s Foot Cutlets

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As I wanted to try out the Shrivalli’s ICC Challenge Gujarati Dal  I requested my husband to buy some suran gaddi in Kannada, suran in Marathi and elephant’s foot in English. I did not mention the quantity so he brought a big huge one. I did not make the daal but now was stuck with this foot. So I made something
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19 February, 2011

Sweet Potato Chaat

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  Sweet Potato Chaat is a delicious Chaat goes well as a snack or a healthy starter. After seeing all the chaat recipes that we posted for the 7-Day Blogging Marathon I wanted to eat Chaat desperately. Matters were not helpful at home because my kids were around and saw the pictures.  Do you get
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18 February, 2011

Healthy Oats Chikki, Granola

Healthy Oats Chikki, Granola
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Oats Chikki/granola   Oats Chikki or Granola is delicious and a must try. It is great way to power up better than the store brought Granola Bars with the goodness of nuts.  I had some muesli about which I had plans to convert to granola but postponing. As a result it started racing fast to
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17 February, 2011

Karati Che Kismoor/Karela Kismoor and Goan Condiment

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Karati Che Kismore   One of my favourite foods right from childhood has been bitter gourd. That’s right bitter gourd or karela as in Hindi, karla in Marathi and hagalkai in Kannada and Karati in Konkani.    In fact I remember begging my Mama for his Neem paste when I was 4 or 5 years
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14 February, 2011

Subzi & Daal

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 Daal & Subzi   1/3 cup of moong, toor and masoor daal each ½ tsp mustard ½ tsp jeera Curry leaves ¼ tsp hing/asafoetida 1 green chilli, slit 1 onion, chopped ½ tsp garlic ½ tsp ginger 1 tomato, chopped fine ½ tsp chilli powder ½ tsp haldi 1 cup mixed veggies (I used cauliflower
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11 February, 2011

Mixed Daal Idli

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Mixed Daal Idli      After I saw the event Twist the Traditional Idli event I was eager  to  send something here but as the countdown approached 15th Feb, the last day for submitting my entry I seem to lapse in a lethargy.   I thought of entering Butter Idli as my entry, but one
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9 February, 2011

Spaghetti and Vegetable Balls

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Spaghetti   My daughters picked up a packet of spaghetti the other day from the local supermarket and have been pestering me to make spaghetti and meatballs, mock meat of course!   Where on earth, or should I say in Panaji, will I find mock meat?   So I Googled for recipes for Spaghetti and
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8 February, 2011

Cheese Crackers

Cheese Crackers
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CHEESE CRACKERS     I saw this recipe for salted cookies here I was reminded of my old diary, which I had started with a collection of my recipes when I was newly married.  The one that finally filled up and I started a new diary, the cause for many experiments as due to diary
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4 February, 2011

Baigan Bharta

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Baigan Bharta (in Curds) I have always thought Baigan/Brinjal/eggplant/baidnikai/vanga Bharta is the most common recipe found in the length and breadth of the country. I am sure each region will have a different way of making the same Baigan using local tastes and then individual tastes into a totally different bharta.     The most common one
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27 January, 2011

Bread Dosa

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BREAD DOSA     Every time I churn the cream that I collect for butter I end up with buttermilk.  Sometimes I make dhokla out of it sometimes it gets converted into bread dosa. Bread Dosa that I used to make used Eno’s fruit salt but nowadays I use methi/fenugreek seeds. The ingredients are: 1
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