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7 January, 2011

Khara Pongal/Hoogi/Khichidi and Good Saar

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  The day before “Sankranti” is celebrated as ” Bhoji”, on that day we prepare “Sajji rotti” or bajara roti, “tumgai” or stuffed brinjal, “Hoogi ” which is “Khara Pongal” or “Khichidi” and “Good Saar”! Of all these “Hoogi or Kahara Pongal was always my favourite, these plus papad and pickle!! Kaya Bahar Hai! I
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19 December, 2010

Delicious Grilled Sandwich

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 This is one delicious Grilled Sandwich that can be served as an open toast.  Add or remove any vegetables of your choice. For non-vegetarians, boiled chicken will be yum. My younger daughter, Akanksha, carries breakfast to school. So every day is a big problem if I give her something like jam toast she does not
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12 December, 2010


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Dhokla Dhokla the very word lights up my husband’s face. He is willing to eat it night and day.  When we were newly married I remember making 3-4 tins of dhokla and dumping it in the fridge. He used to come home from work before me  and he would eat it with or without the accompanying toppings.
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3 December, 2010

Pachdi/Raw Salad

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Pachidi/ Raw Salad I remember staying in my friend Savitri’s place she is better known as Savi and she took me all around her vegetable garden plucking various leaves and god alone knows what and making a salad out of the leaves she had plucked along with some tomatoes, cucumbers, onions etc. I was sure
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10 October, 2010

Capsicum Chutney

Capsicum Chutney
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I carry lunch to work and we friends share what we carry. My friend Trupti had brought CAPSICUM CHUTNEY we all agreed that it was a nice change from the regular coconut chutney and of course we shared the recipe. Here are the INGREDIENTS: 1 tsp urid daal ¼ tsp methi/fenugreek seeds 1 tsp jeera/
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8 December, 2009

Zatpat Corn Biryani

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This is Smita’s recipe. The other day i had some leftover rice to finish off but no vegetables to be used for a pulao or something of that kind. All that I had was a packed of shelled corn in my freezer. I decided to put it and my unused masalas to good use and here was
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8 February, 2009

Masala Bhat

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When I was expecting my second kid I craved for this variety of rice. The only problem was I could not explain what I wanted. Till I ate it I could not remember its called Masala Bhat. My kids have told me that they have found this pulao “strange” and “funny” so it seems to
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14 December, 2008


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My SIL showed me this method of cooking rice. Its a nice change from the regular pulao and ‘phodni ch bhat” INGREDIENTS 1-cup long grained basmati rice. 4 ripe tomatoes (chopped fine) 2 tablespoons Oil Mustard Hing Haldi Curry leaves 2-3 Red chilies Red chilli powder 10 cashew nuts Salt to taste Sugar (optional) Coriander
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