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18 January, 2009

Allo Muttar

Posted in : Patato, Peas, Vegetables on by : ArchanaPotdar

These days when there are so many peas available I tend to make a lot of allo muttar i.e. potato and peas. My kids love it and hubby dear eats it without complaint. 4-5 potatoes medium sized 1 cup peas 3 tblspn oil 1 large onion, grated 3 cloves garlic 1”piece ginger 2 med tomatoes
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18 January, 2009


Posted in : Breakfast, Oats, Timesavers on by : ArchanaPotdar

Oats was always considered baby food or food when you are sick. So when Pappa brought a tin of oats I was quite upset, as I was sure no one would eat it as porridge, the only way I knew to cook oats. However Pappa told me was that I could add buttermilk. I was
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4 January, 2009

Chocolate Sauce

Posted in : Chocolate, sauce on by : ArchanaPotdar

As we had guests for dinner I had planned having some nice ice-cream for dinner. I made a deal with my elder kiddo to fetch it at around 8 pm just before our local grocer closed down. She could not get her favourite flavour – chocolate so she brought vanilla. I was fuming at the
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4 January, 2009

Sambhar, Huli a South Indian Vegetable Stew

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 I love Sambhar, also called as Huli in Kannada it is one versatile lentil based stew. Make Sambhar as an accompaniment to idli, dosa, rice, gundpangalla/appe . Sambhar is very easy and cooks fast. Huli is also very versatile add any vegetable or remove ant that you do not have. The difference between Rasam or saar and sambhar
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28 December, 2008

Saar or Rasam

Posted in : Curry on by : ArchanaPotdar

Rasam or saar is the watery when compared to sambhar. You can just slurp it from a bowl. Amma used to lace it with extra pepper when we had a cold. Saar is made on festive occasions. ¼ cup toor dal/turichi dal /togri bali 1 tomato medium sized ½ tsp haldi 2 tblspn oil 1
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25 December, 2008

Saar or Rasam Powder

Posted in : Masala on by : ArchanaPotdar

Ingredients: 1 cup coriander seeds 1 small rock of hing/1tblsp powder 1 tblspn methi 1/3 cup pepper 1/3 cup jeera 1½ tsp mustard 45 red badgi chillies (about 50grms) 10-12 springs curry leaves Method: In a little oil fry hing remove from oil add methi remove from oil Fry pepper, mustard, and jeera. In the
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23 December, 2008

Sev Batata Puri

Posted in : Chaat, Snack on by : ArchanaPotdar

Like I have said any kind of chat invokes frenzy at home. My kids worship chat and can’t get enough of it. Basically chat is made at the end of the week as by then I am fed up with cooking. Sev batata puri and bhel are perennial favourites. For Sev Batata puri 1 packet
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23 December, 2008

Shavgi Upit

Posted in : Bachelor Recipes, Breakfast, Simple and Healthy Vegetarian Diet in Old Age, Tiffin box ideas on by : ArchanaPotdar
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Shavgi upit or Shavaya  che upit is always acceptable and enjoyed for breakfast and loved in the Tiffin box. I enjoy it because it is fast to cook and a no hassle dish. You can add as many different vegetables as you want. 1 cup shavgi or shavya (I prefer the MTR brand to other
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