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17 September, 2017

#14 Every day Curries/Vegetables

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The biggest problem a homemaker faces is what to cook so that it fits in the ingredients at hand, is healthy and delicious for all the family members.

These are some of the gravies/vegetables I try to make on a regular basis.  Some of them are new some are something even I have forgotten! 😀

These curries are simple to make, generally, but some of them need pre planning. These gravies are enough for us a family of 5 people.

  1. Goan Feijoada Alsande and Soya Chunks (Vegetarian)
  2.  Alsande cho Tonak
  3.  Alsande Usal
  4.  Simple Chawali chi Pale Bhaji or Stir-fry with Cowpea Leaves
  5.  Chole Masala
  6.  Butter Cholay
  7.  Chana Madra~Indian State Himachal Pradesh
  8.  Lobia Rassedar| Cow Peas Gravy| Black Eyed Peas Gravy
  9.  Lauki aur Chana Dal Recipe|Bottle Gourd and Split Bengal Gram Recipe
  10.  Rajma/Kidney Beans Gravy
  11.  Cauliflower in Tomato Gravy
  12.  “Bibbe Che Bhaji” or “Biya Bhaji” the traditional way!
  13.  Bibbe in Makhani Gravy or Cashew Nut Vegetable
  14.  Makhani Gravy and Matar Makhani




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