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28 February, 2012

Mixed Vegetable Pulao BM#13, Day 6

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Don’t we all race against time?

Food has to be on the table by 8pm for my younger kid else the next day is tantrums’ morning.
Well this pulao was made in the similar haste the quantities were more than normal as we had a guests please do scale it down. This was the only dish we were to have and we were 4 adults, 1 kid plus 1 diabetic.
In my hurry I made some mistakes I will mention them in my notes things will be simpler if they are followed.
Let’s get down straight to the recipe
2 cup rice (I generally use basmati for everyday cooking)
1 tomato
2 cups mixed vegetables (I had only corn kernels and cauliflower)
2 onions
2 tbsp homemade ghee
½ tsp turmeric
1 tsp red chili powder (optional)
Saffron soaked in ¼ cup milk
To grind:
 6 cloves garlic
1’ piece of ginger
½ cup of coriander
1 green cardamom
1tsp coriander seeds
½ tsp jeera
½ tsp shah jeera
1 green chili
2 cloves
2 pepper corns
1 onion
1 each of Red and yellow capsicum cut in small cubes
1.    Wash and cook the rice with 2 cups water. Cook in the cooker for 2 whistles.
2.    Chop the cauliflower in small florets soak in turmeric water for 5 minutes. Mix with the corn, finely chopped 2 onions. Add salt mix and keep aside.
3.    Make a fine paste of all the ingredients listed for grinding.
4.    Heat the ghee in a kadhai/wok and fry the paste will the raw smell goes.
5.    Meanwhile puree the tomato and add to the paste. Stir fry for 2 minutes.
6.    Now add the vegetables and mix well.
7.    Add the turmeric and chilli powder.
8.    Transfer to the cooker and cook for 2 whistles.
9.    Meanwhile fluff the rice and separate the grains.
10.In the same kadhai/wok where you were frying put a layer of the rice (after shooing off the kid who is crushing all the beautifully fluffed rice and giggling away all the time she is doing it).
11.Open the cooker and add all the veggies in a layer.
12.Cover with the next layer of rice.
13.Now here I decided that I need saffron soaked milk and so I hurriedly used ¼ cup milk and soaked a few strands of saffron. And poured it over the rice.
14.Steam the rice like this for about 5 minutes.
15.Mix well and serve garnished with capsicum with dhai boondi.
1.    Should have cooked the corn and rice together in the same cooker.
2.    Then added it to the cauliflower. There was no need to cook the cauliflower in the cooker.
3.    Should have soaked the saffron first.
4.    It needed some more heat. Increase the chilli to 2.


More when we meet tomorrow…



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